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    Terminals penetrate all aspects of life

    A new two-pole plug has been added to the new spring terminal product line. After the function of this product is expanded, it can support additional cable access angles on standard 3.5mm and 3.81mm vertical and right-angle plugs, which can be specifically applied to control, input / output and field wiring. Gao Lin terminals can be matched with 90 ° and 270 ° plug interfaces. Its ascent and thread direction can be on the same centerline spacing to meet industry standard requirements for open and closed plugs. In addition, European-style terminals can be stacked end to end without affecting the centerline spacing.
    With the rapid development of the terminal industry, the major terminal manufacturers have entered a state of preparation. Gao Lin Electronics uses its own unique advantages to stay out of the fierce competition and laugh at the situation. The terminal block is a great weapon for Gao Lin Electronics to stand on the market. Terminals have always been an important product branch of Gaolin Electronics. At present, Gao Lin Electronics not only has a novel design for the terminals, but also has increased the requirements for product quality in varying degrees. Gao Lin terminal products comply with UL certification and are suitable for industrial control, communication equipment and HVAC control fields.
    Terminals have penetrated all aspects of our lives unconsciously. Whether it is daily consumer electronics or industrial electronic equipment, there are terminals. In recent years, China's terminal market has developed rapidly, well-known foreign terminal companies have entered the Chinese market, and market competition has intensified. How to win competition and cast brand is the key.




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